Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evildead/Hirax-House Of Blues,Hollywood,CA 8/23/11

Every once in a while there's a show were I say,"Now that's a perfect line up!". This was one of 'em.

They made this show 18+ cause the last Evildead show I reviewed the thrash kids just HAD to get wasted and therefore ruined it for the kids who are underage (most of whom go for the music only.) So a bunch of  kids were denied entry. It sucks. I went late so sadly, I missed Witchaven. Go here and read the review of them the last time I saw 'em. They rule.

So first band I saw was Deathriders (or as I call em, Poor Anthrax). Yep you've never heard of em. Lead singer is actually Neil Turbin, the original singer of Anthrax. Now you'd think people would be excited about this... Sadly, that wasn't the case. They headline everyone once and a while and for whatever reason, many people leave before they get on stage. Ive seen 'em once cause I loved the first Anthrax album. They are whatever live. I do respect Neil for trying to do shows even if they're in backyards or music stores. They are not an OG Anthrax band.... But if you ask me....they should be.

Neil still has his badass voice but his non-thrax songs are Power Metal/Hard Rock. Which I don't like. I was only into the classic Anthrax songs like "Metal Thrashing Mad" and "Armed in Dangerous". He has a solo album out but I don't recommend it. I do recommend his only album with Anthrax "Fist full Of Metal". It is a freakin classic. Of course he mentioned The Big 4 and stuff. The Deathriders are a great band to open up a show, but not one to headline. (Sorry Neil, much respect but I gotta be honest here.)

Deathriders aka "Poor Anthrax"

Up next was the band I was really excited to see, the legendary Hirax. I was disappointed they wern't headlining. They are older, bigger,and better. I've met singer Katon before and he's one of those dudes that would take a picture with EVERY single fan who wants one with taken with him. He is a super nice guy. Hirax got on stage and I was pumped since it was my first time seeing 'em. Right away he came out and shook hands with fans and sang his ass off. They were the highlight of the night playing old songs and new songs.  Katon was psyched about the turn-out and apologized about the age limit. I was up front singing along to the songs I knew. See Hirax live. I'm not kidding. And if you're new to them check out their first album Raging Violence. This was one of the best metal performances Ive ever seen.


Evildead headlined again. Once again they kicked ass and people were pitting hard and stage diving. Read my last Evildead review so you know what I'm talking about. Theyre badass live, go see 'em.