Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grindcore Backyard shows. LA/El Monte 7/23 and 8/5

I usually don't review backyard shows because they ALWAYS get raided but I decided to review these two shows cause both had very great bands that needed to be exposed outside L.A. All of these bands (minus 1) are local Grind bands that are mostly known here in L.A. The first show got raided after 4 and a half bands which sucked ass cause touring bands and other badass bands didn't get to play. I'll review the 5 that did. (And though ACxDC didn't play I was able to get a back patch and some pins.)

The first band was Warwhore. I've seen 'em before and they do a really good job. They reside from Long Beach but I actually went to High School with the lead singer. Last time I saw 'em everyone was into them and the songs were badass. This time however the house didn't supply a PA system, so the singer couldn't do his job. Instrumentally they were still good and the kids around me were doing their own vocals. Great way to start a show. Demo Download!

Now, the last time I wrote I  posted about Civil Liberates. Remember... The guitar player wore a dress and hit me in the face with a huge crossing guard thing? Yeah. That dude sings for a Grind band named Tension. These guys being from OC as well are already gaining attention playing with some known names making a name for themselves. And, they didn't have their own PA system. The Dawson's Creek looking guy amazed me once again by singing without a mic. Holy shit. I was in the back and I heard 'em yelling. People were moshing like crazy and front man Chris was yelling at everyone's face. Everyone at the show became a fan of them that day. I'm sure of it. Demo!

 Malpractice Insurance was up next. They were good, but the singer wasn't loud enough (cant blame him,he was guitar player too). People moshed hard when they played and it was a really good set. They gave me a demo (cant find a link to DL) but its really good. Ill be checking these guys again for sure.

Malpractice Insurance
 Up next was a local favorite by many, a band called Goner. They are very popular and people were going nuts for em. I myself  was trying to get a good view above all those people. They have records out and I wanna see em again only without the PA problem. Go see 'em.

The last band of the night (before the raid) was one of the 3 touring bands: Transient from Portland, Oregon. The female fronted band was having a great set before they forced to stop playing. Sadly there were assholes in the crowd asking her to show off her breasts and stuff. But she did the greatest job of the night. She gave me a free CD! Their show was fuckin' sick. For fans of Fuck the Facts, Romantic Gorilla, etc. Sadly on their way to Georgia a couple days later the band was in a big car accident a singer Krysta had to have surgery and stuff. She's all good now and Transient got added to big fest I'll be attending to month.

This band is now one of my favorites. For more info,Official Site


The next show I will review was in a nice area in El Monte. Though it didn't get raided, I left early to get food and I regret it now. The main reason I went to this show was because ACxDC was added at the last minute. I risked seeing them in a backyard again (and a raid) since they are one of my all time favorite bands.

First band was Stresscase. A veganviolence band. They played a really good set, although it was short. This is another female fronted band. The lead singer gave me a cupcake afterwards with her band's logo on it. Great first impression. Demo!


Slave was next. They also have a big reputation and are playing some big fest this weekend. The lead singer growled in his sludgy voice and people were moshing hard. They reminded me a lot of bands like Trap Them, Mammoth Grinder and such. He actually complemented my TT hat. They were heavy as fuck and I loved it. I can see 'em getting bigger soon. I loved em a lot. EP for Download!


Up next was ACxDC. Once again I was pumped as fuck and feeling happy as they were sitting up since the last two times I saw 'em they've been making new music. And their new stuff  rules just as hard as their first EP. The singer, Sergio was talking about how everyone's favorite venue (The Blvd) was shut down temporarily (hopefully) and that their show had been moved to a 21+ place. They refused to play it and said they'd rather do a backyard "any fuckin time."

"No punk show should be 21+" he said.

They started their set and I went nuts. People were already pushing and I was screaming the words to "Milk Was A Bad Choice". From there they did their usual 10 minute set of genius which I always enjoy. As the last two songs were sung by him 3  kids were jumping on him, singing along... One being me. They ended their set and I jammed for pizza. ACxDC's new EP comes out in a month,which I'm super stoked for. Til then Download their first EP with 2 compilation songs. Its seriously the best Grindviolence you'll ever hear. This pic was taken at the show and you see yours truly being a silly fuck in the center. EP Download.

Me, Turtle Boy, shredding wirth ACxDC