Thursday, April 7, 2011

Siege: The Ones Who Started It All

One band that's so underrated in the Boston area... Let alone the whole Hardcore scene is Siege. These guys went above Hxc (Hardcore) The same way D.R.I. created Crossover Thrash and the same way Discharge created D-Beat. When people ask you who is the pioneers of Punk Rock, most people say The Ramones. Obviously Iggy Pop and Stooges were doing it before it was invented. Same thing with Black Sabbath, they made heavy metal but Led Zeppelin was head banging years before Ozzy. You ask most Grindfreaks who invented Grindcore (the worst and best genre of all time) and most will say the great Napalm Death. But Siege made the noise first. Napalm Death even paid homage to them by covering one of their songs. Infamous Powerviolence band Dropdead named them selves after Siege's only demo/album release. They made Hxc into something better.Don't believe me? Listen to this masterpiece...


As you can tell they didn't fit into the whole Boston SXE (Straight Edge) scene at all. Their first gig was at their high school talent show. They were disqualified for breaking a guitar. After getting booked at a show at CBGB's, singer Kevin Mahoney didn't show up, and the band broke up soon after, in 1985. 2 years and that's all we got... 1991 Seth Putnam of (my favorite band) Anal Cunt joined the band taking Mahoney's place. It didn't last long but they recorded one song for  13 Bands Who Think You're Gay compliation. I cant find that damn song anywhere but I'm assuming its great since it mixes AxCx with Siege. When I see Anal Cunt next week ill be sure to ask if Siege will ever happen again. Until then please listen to (just steal it its 2011...CDs are gonna die) Siege's only but groundbreaking album Dropdead



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