Sunday, April 3, 2011


Isn't it great to live in a world where to real He-Men types like Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig can find themselves in a deeply committed and loving relationship?

Well, whether it is, or it isn't we don't live in that world. However; the artist collective known as Igloo Tornado have imagined just such a reality. And for their troubles I would think that maybe these guys might want to start going armed and with a security detail when they go out in public. I don't really know how mister Rollins or Danzig feel about this little comic that's been put out, but I would be hoping that these guys have some sense of humor. Henry Rollins seems like maybe he has some, but Danzig has always seemed like he takes himself very seriously and would find nothing funny in the book. Who knows fer sure, but if you can't laugh at your idols, the only thing left to do is kill them (Glen may prefer this), but that's probably for another comic down the road.

The book is a bunch of one panel comics that are based on a premise; the premise being that Henry and Glen live together, they are in love, Daryl Hall and John Oats are their next door neighbors, and Hall and Oats are in a devil worship cult. This thing is funny, but you do have to know a little bit about Rollins and Danzig to really get it. It is kind of cool seeing Danzig as a sort of Ernie Bushmiller type character, and Henry's Diary pages were pretty funny too.

If you can still get this you do so at your own risk. Glen and Henry may come find you and kick your ass.

They may want to kick my ass just for talking about it. Don't kill the messenger boys, I still think Black Flag and the Misfits are nifty, and I like Samhain and early Danzig too, so don't crush my skull. OK?

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