Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Grown Men Shouldn't Drink

"He was what I would call a Sasquatch... He had long hair that was uh...Yallowish gray."That is how Tim Peeler of North Carolina described the beast he saw on his property one night recently.

He was too nervous to go for his camera according to the news report, but in his own words he talked "rough to (the bigfoot) and run him off." This seems to be a common problem that most people have who see this elusive forest creature. They get so nervous that they can't get a steady shot of him... Thus leaving the rest of us to judge that person's quality to determine if the person is a reliable source, since no other proof is available. In this fella's case it seems interesting to note that while he was too nervous to reach for his Kalimar Micro 110, he wasn't too nervous to talk rough to the alleged bigfoot to scare him away.

"He come right by me, he wasn't 10 feet from me." Mr. Peeler said as he pointed a whittled stick towards the woods.

It's unfortunate that Mr. Peeler couldn't summon the nerve to reach for his $15.00 camera... At 10 feet he could have produced perhaps the most substantial scientific evidence in the history of mankind. But there is an underlying component involved here. It seems that this fella was so shaken by what he saw that he called 911 to report it... Twice.

Now one wouldn't be so brazen to call 911 just to add credibility to a lie, would they? It's hard to imagine that this would happen, but judging from the area this man seems to live in could it be that boredom had set in and he decided to take his 15 minutes of fame the hard way? Does it seem out of the realm of possibility that Mr. Peeler might have consumed a swig or two of home made whiskey before making that call? Judging by his speech pattern this could have quite possibly been the case...

In Ohio a man made a call to 911 after some heavy drinking just to save his own ass. It seems that after being dared to do so, 24 year old Brandon Farmer jumped onto the back of a semi trailer stopped at a traffic light and took a ten mile thrill ride while hanging on for dear life. Pushed to the level of desperation, he called 911 to have the truck pulled over so that he could get off. While he was able to safely get off the truck, he didn't get off so easy with the law. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Silly rednecks... Trix are for kids.



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