Sunday, June 27, 2010

BP Considered a Shoo-In for Oil Spill Hall of Fame

BP's recent performance has almost guaranteed them a lock to be enshrined into the National Oil Spill Hall of Fame.

"They have come a long ways in a relatively short time," said NOSHoF spokesperson Richard Slick. "A year ago they weren't even in the discussion. Since then British Petroleum has definitely proven that they can compete with the big boys at any level."

BP has come on strong lately. When a deep water oil rig explosion caused a pipe to burst on April 20th of this year, BP has since pumped hundreds of millions of gallons of crude into the sea. The impressive gusher continues to flow at the time of this publication all but guaranteeing BP a shoo-in to the Hall.

"The fact that it killed 11 people is a unique touch that most oil companies can't claim, " continued Slick. "And while the Lakeview Gusher of 1910 spilled more oil, we have to remember that it was on land... BP is doing their craftwork out at sea."

Slick was referring to the Lakeview Gusher oil spill that occurred in 1910 near Bakersfield, California. That spill lasted 18 months and lost 379 million gallons of oil, but very little if any was leaked into the ocean. The BP oil spill is nearing 300 million gallons of oil, but has been gushing it's crude into the waters of  the Gulf of Mexico. It is on-going, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight to it's geyser-like bursts. In addition to killing 11 people, it has damaged precious shore line and killed hundreds of thousands of sea anaimals. It has financially ruined gulf shore businesses, and caused shipping costs and seafood prices to skyrocket. While these factors are always considered a plus for NOSHoF induction, the key that's locking BP in is the longetivity of this deep sea spillage.

"As far as deep sea oil spills go," said Slick, "BP is the iron man in the competition... The Cal Ripken if you will."

Bob Dudley, newly appointed managing director of BP acknowledges his company's recent successes.

"I'm actually amazed at how good we have gotten at this oil spill thing," he said. "BP is absolutely honored to be considered for the Oil Spill Hall of Fame. Every day we keep wondering if the streak is going to end!"