Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Does Anyone Leave Comments Anymore?

I have not gone away... Or abandoned this blog. We have had some internet issues here at home as a direct result of somebody sucking all of the available bandwidth while playing online games a week or so ago. (It wasn't me.) I am connected to a wireless modem that I share with a few other households, plus the office computers, and because we live so far away from any town, there isn't a direct line that supports DSL out here. So, we are forced to use satellite internet, and unfortunately, it doesn't come with unlimited bandwidth. One day of gaming will suck up the month's allotment, as we all found out a week and a half ago... The good news is that we are slowly able to get online again, and the better news is that come next week, I wont have to rely on work's internet at all, as Essie and I will be connected to our very own hook-up of satellite internet. This will prevent this idiocy from ever happening again, I hope... Unless I get suddenly start playing World of Warcraft... Which, I hear, is addictive as crack cocaine. But that scenario not being likely, I think from here on out there shouldn't be too many problems. So yeah... Don't be a stranger. I haven't gone anywhere.



Len Cleavelin said...

So that's why you vanished. Bummer. I've been checking once a week (my weekly rounds of the few blogs I follow anymore), and wondered where you'd disappeared to.

gooseneck said...

Thanks Len for keeping me on your reading list! Internet is still very slow... But come Tuesday, everything (hopefully) will be back to normal.

Sorry about your Cardinals... I would have liked to seen a Philly-Cardinal matchup.