Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leggo my Ego dept.

Tonight I introduced my girlfriend to an old friend. We paid a visit to Hot or Not and spent the better part of 20 minutes voting on pictures that people have posted. If you are unfamiliar with the site, as Essie (surprisingly) was, it is a site that allows one to post pictures of themselves and let the world rate their hotness on a scale of one to ten. The site then calculates your score and basically tells you just how good looking (or in some cases how ugly) you are. It looks kinda like this: Hi I'm Gooseneck. I'm a chicken! 9.2 Out of 2356 online votes Obviously my score of 9.2 is high, and enough to stroke my ego, which in effect is the only reason I would ever post a pic of myself on Hot or Not... To stroke my ego. Meanwhile, Essie is talking about stroking my... Um... Alter ego... So I am going to end this post here.