Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts from the Random Wilderness

Brett Favre is a Viking... Wow. Didn't see that coming three weeks ago when he announced that he is officially retiring. Again. Except for the football team, the Vikings are extinct. Really. They don't linger on the seven seas anymore searching for new lands while pillaging, killing, and stealing. The Viking lifestyle hasn't existed for hundreds of years... At least not on land. Since the world has been charted there hasn't been much of a need to find new lands, since there aren't any left to be found. It's hard to be a true life Viking and not find new lands, so that lifestyle has become extinct. Pirates on the other hand, are still flourishing. They have made a resurgence the past few years while being virtually invisible throughout most of my adult life. Somali Pirates were all the rage this past winter. It's kinda cool that they are back, re-released into the wild like an endangered species that has been weened back to prominence. Way to go, Save the Pirates! Who's next? The Huns? But back to my point... The Vikings do not exist anymore. While 'Vikings' is a great moniker for a sports team, especially a football team from a cold northern state like Minnesota, the fact that real Vikings haven't been around for hundreds of years is ironic to me... For the reason that Brett Farve wont disappear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I played Farkle the other night, and I'm fixin to play it again tonight, if Essie will play with me. It's a game that involves dice, and a lot of math. It's very addicting. I like it enough that I would consider turning pro, if a pro Farkle league did actually exist. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Essie, my girlfriend, can shave her legs and talk on the phone at the same time while taking a bath. I find that fascinating and amazing. I couldn't do it. I would not be able to stabilize the phone on my shoulder and chin while scraping my leg with a sharp blade. Something would have to give... I would either lose the phone into the water, or a lot of blood. She eats a lot of chicken and I eat a lot of beef. But at least she isn't a vegetarian. We both love eating butchered animals. (Also she doesn't mind when I drink milk out of the carton.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all for now. Maybe more randomness later...