Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mix Tape Winners!

Thanks for humoring us and checking out the blog and the silly contest. If we had time to make you all mixtapes to show our appreciation we'd probably get drunk and not do it anyway, but we'd wish we had. Regardless, thanks for reading -- we really do appreciate it!

Someone told me every blog post should have an image so
here's a Bigfoot drawing I did during a meeting at work...

Congrats to our grand prize winner, Jamie Grimm -- who shared a Bigfoot story that began with "Back in '90, I ate eight hits of acid ..."
Our other winers chosen randomly from those who liked the Facebook page are: Michael Hulsebus, Rod Kabel, and Kelsey Magnolia. We'll get your packages in the mail today so you can force your family to listen to the mixtapes at Christmas.

Everyone else - stay tuned. We're probably gonna give away some more crap. We're nice like that. We may not even announce it, but just send out gifts in the mail as we see fit.

Also - if you really do want copies of any of the tapes (and they are pretty cool) reach out and let us know and we can make it happen.

Happy  holidays.

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Johnny Reeferseed said...

Big thanks to Troy Church and everyone from Bigfoot Diaries for the early Christmas present of a walkman, 4 mixtapes, and a plethora of stickers and toys. The Dead Kennedys have a new fan thanks to these guys!