Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Five Questions with... Sara from Sapphic Musk

Well I guess I can cash in all of my chips, cancel Christmas and sell the farm.

In 2010 when BFD was just still in it's infantile stages, I swore that I would keep this blogmathing going until it wasn't fun anymore. I told anybody who would listen that once I hit the pinnacle - and things started to recede a bit - that it would soon be curtains for BFD. Of course I knew it would take an insurmountable achievement, like say.... I don't know...  interviewing the lead singer of a lesbian warrior Viking power Pop band for this to happen... and what are the odds of that happening?

Well Odin be damned, my ship has sailed.

The other day, in the midst of yet another strange and endearing rabbit hole excursion on the Youtubes, I stumbled across this:

In 2014 on the ice-capped, rocky beaches of Lezstonia where the Baltic meets the North Sea, Sapphic Musk boarded a worn but durable dragon-shaped vessel and started a long voyage across the Arctic, eventually landing on the shores of southern California.

Or something like that.

In reality, there's so much mystery about this band, that it seems permissible to assume this scenario is true. After all, lore is lore, and it's entirely plausible that on their way to Valhalla, Sapphic Musk decided to stop off in LA and record an album, right?

There's no doubt that they are talented enough. LA Weekly has called them "the best metal band in Los Angeles," which may or may not be true (whether or not they are actually "metal" seems to be up in the air) but there is absolutely no argument that they are the greatest power lesbian warrior Viking band to take the stage period. In any city, at any time.

Christina, Sara, Mia and Freddie (Photo by Jayme Watts)

Sapphic Musk is made up of Sara Russell, Mia Ferraro, Freddie McCullough and Christina “Ylva” Ownby. Sara, the lead singer told me that, in regards to forming this band the "Viking thing was and is something that just was." But then she added that she's always appreciated Viking symbolism - Strength, tenacity... eccentric behavior. "And let's face it," she said, "Vikings are sexy."

Indeed they are, Sara .

Of all the roadside attractions that you’ve come across in your travels, which sticks out in your mind as being your favorite?

One of the best things about being on tour is all the different topographies, cultures and sights you get to see. This is a tough one but I know what sticks out in my mind and it is not a roadside attraction in the amusement park kind of way but sacred none the less - every summer we drive to Carson City Nevada to play at our friend’s venue, to get there we drive through Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is breathtaking and we always stop at this one river that has wild rapids and sits under the mountains. It has become somewhat of a tradition for Sapphic Musk. So that one river in the Sierra Nevadas is my answer.

How much deliberation was there among band members when it came to deciding on the name Sapphic Musk? How did that whole conversation go down?

Pretty much no deliberation at all.

I had to put a band together really quick because a friend asked me to open for them, Sapphic Musk is the name of one of the scents of perfume I make. So it’s named after a perfume.  But it sounded so funny I thought it should be used more. I asked Mia “hey do you want to start a band called Sapphic Musk with me?” And she was like “sure” - the rest is history.

As you've toured around the world, what is the strangest thing a fan has said to you?

After playing a show in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, a fan taught us how to say the F word in Czech.

Do you have a great groupie story?

I don’t consider this a groupie necessarily but-one time we stopped at a diner in this very very small town and as we were leaving, from across the parking lot a woman walking on the sidewalk carrying a lot of backpacks and stuff, honed in on Christina and frantically yelled “get away from me whore!!!!” Then just kept walking.

What's the biggest challenge of being a lesbian warrior viking metal band on tour?

Well I don’t think we are necessarily metal. I’d say more like Viking Pop or Viking rock maybe even Viking hard rock but anyways, the biggest challenge as Viking warriors on tour is finding a decent blacksmith in every city for armor maintenance.

Sapphic Musk at El Cid in LA. (Photo by Ethan Shvartzman)

Any plans in the works on doing a tour across North America?

Yes absolutely! We are starting to plan it and will be hitting some parts of the continent in 2019.

Can we be honest... The song "Kittenz" isn't really about cats, right?

It is only about kittens the feline species. No hidden meaning. Kittens are as provocative and jaw-dropping as it is. It wouldn’t be funny if we were trying to code something.


You can catch Sapphic Musk with Kill 'Em With Kerosene and Motorbabe at Sandrini's Public House on December 29th in Bakersfield.

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