Thursday, November 1, 2018

"Reynolds Pamphlet” back for one last show

The Hamilton Parody calls out Gov. Kim Reynolds for everything she’s done to the state.
Remember a few months back when Hamilton played for what seemed like 40 consecutive days at The Civic Center of Greater Des Moines? No one could shut the hell up about it. I’m sure it was good, maybe even the best thing since sliced pizza like everyone seemed to think. Still, I just couldn’t muster up a single fuck to give about it.  

But, when I learned the play had inspired a parody version, “Reynolds Pamphlet,” that skewered Gov. Kim Reynolds, and that the musical powerhouses of Rae Fehring and Madison Ray were involved, I perked the fuck up. 

Named after one of the numbers in Hamilton, “Reynolds Pamphlet” features eight musical pieces that shed light on educational defunding, stagnant wages and a litany of other shit that Iowa is currently getting wrong under Reynolds “leadership.”
It’s not all a downer though. The play also highlights some of the things Iowa should be proud of: historic court rulings for racial and marriage equality, and a time not too long ago when its schools were well-funded and among the best in the nation. And like its source material, “Reynolds Pamphlet” intelligently employs rap, humor, spoken-word, and justifiable outrage to get its message across. 

And, as you’d expect from anything involving Fehring and Ray, it’s edgy, pulls no punches, and is entertaining as hell.  

Fair warning though, the website states that “Reynolds Pamphlet contains explicit language that may not be appropriate for children, and exposes extreme policies promoted by conservatives that may not be appropriate for anyone.” 

What more could you want? 

There is only one chance left to catch “Reynolds Pamphlet” — just in time to get motivated for Election Day.  

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 7 PM (Doors at 6 PM) WHERE: Sheslow Auditorium at Drake University; 2507 University Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 

Tickets and more information at 

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