Thursday, November 8, 2018

Five Questions With... Ted Nugent of the Amboy Dukes

If a 13 year old kid asked you to hand him any album that would change his life forever, what record would you hand him? 

Music is truly a force to reckon with and has a power unto itself, including an element of universal communication. I don't believe music unto itself has enough meaningful impact to actually change a person's life, though it could be a fortifying soundtrack to upgrade if accompanied by intelligent, sincere and loving direction and guidance. As part of an overall message of being the best that you can be, there is a lot of music out here that inspires.

What do you say to people who attend your shows that don't want to hear about your political views... Who just want to hear your music?

I don't have to say anything to a person smart enough to know how incredible my music and band are, they already know how killer we are.

Side 2 of the first Amboy Dukes album starts off with a song called "Let's Go Get Stoned." What is your position on the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana? 

That was a great old song by Bob Dylan that some of my band mates actually believed in. And of course, unlike old clean and sober me, they are no longer around because of it. Dope destroys lives and everything and everybody around it. I am very much opposed to its legalization on any level.

What memories of any do you have about playing in Des Moines, Iowa? 

Many a glowing memory shine in my overwhelmed memory bank, and they are all wonderful! Intense people love intense, soulful music and our connection represents all the best elements of music and a united appreciation for the best of the best.

Do you still have the spandex pants with the suspenders that you feature on the cover and the back of the Double Live Gonzo! album?

No, I donated them to a charity and believe they have been hung over someone's home to keep away evil spirits and hippies. I understand they do so flawlessly. I last wore them around 1985 at an event where we buried disco.

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