Thursday, September 25, 2014

Photo Blog: The Inaugural Bigfoot Ball at the Briar Patch on September 20

Many thanks to all the people who came to the Briar Patch this past weekend and attended the Inaugural Bigfoot Ball. I can't think of a more perfect way to put a cap on the summer. Thanks to Charles Van Elsen for the wonderful artwork and photos, to Jay and Elinda for creating the live masterpiece, to everybody who helped out with chores prior (and after) the event, and to those who sold merchandise. 

Also, a big THANKS to Johnny Reeferseed and the High Rollers, King of the Tramps, The Maw, and The Rumpke Mountain Boys for making the Bigfoot Ball so musically incredible! There were times throughout the night where the sounds seemed impossible. Thanks for blowing me and everybody else away.

Lastly, thanks to Bob for being the coolest host in the world! Much love.

(All photos by Cveckian. Click to enlarge.)

An unusual number of turkey vultures circled the sky as the gates opened.

The Rumpke Mountain Boys played hours before they actually played.
Then they played for several more hours. 

Elinda and Jay work on their masterpiece as Bob works on sound.

The Maw. 
Johnny Reeferseed (R) and a couple of the High Rollers. 
King of the Tramps and a swirling crowd. 
The Rumpke Mountain Boys played until 4:00 AM.
Justin Snyder of  King of the Tramps with guest star Jacob County. 

The infamous Joe Mcguire of JR Seed.

A friendly flower hands Todd Partridge of KOTT a friendly mushroom. 

J.D. Westmoreland and Ben Gourley of RMB. 

Johnny Reeferseed and Jacob County 
The Maw in their Briar Patch glory.
Jay and Elinda making progress... 
John P. Reeferseed and the High Rollers.
Lots of smiling faces...
As far as we could tell, everybody had a wonderful time. 

Now we have the monumental task of making it even better next year!


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