Sunday, August 10, 2014

Five Questions With... Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr really doesn't need an introduction. His name is synonymous with so many elements of the entertainment business that it's possible that 6-7 people know who he is, all for completely different reasons.

He is a Hollywood actor who has starred in such movies as Jerry Maguire and Suicide Kings, he spent two seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and he has starred in several television shows, including a voice cameo in Family Guy, and a spot in the first season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show, playing Foxworthy's brother. He is an active stand up comedian who draws huge crowds nation wide, and he is (was) the creator, host and executive producer of NBC's Last Comic Standing reality TV series.

Jay Mohr played Tom Cruise's agent Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire.
Somehow despite that huge workload, he still finds time to do his real job - he is the master of ceremonies at Jay Mohr Sports, a talk show on Fox Sports Radio that airs three hours each weekday.

One wouldn't think that a person of his caliber would be approachable, especially to a little ol' rock and roll blog from Iowa, but in fact, he is one of the most accessible entertainers in the business today. He says on his radio show that if you go to his website and send him an email, he will answer it. He has created a super exclusive Twitter club that allows people he follows to communicate with him on the regular, and he is known to have Twitter conversations well into the night. Every stand-up event he performs at is a meet and greet, and he will take the time to shake hands and pose for pictures with every person who stands in line to meet him.

Last week, after a show in Denver, he spent an hour with Travanti Jaramillo being interviewed on Jaramillo's Go From There Podcast. While Jaramillo is exceptionally good at what he does, his name isn't household material. It just goes to show how down to earth Jay Mohr really is.

It's been awhile since we've done the Five Questions With segment on the Bigfoot Diaries, so we thought that we'd test Jay Mohr's accessibility, and see for ourselves just how easy it is to have a correspondence with one of the busiest men in show business. He did not let us down. Here are five completely random questions with Jay Mohr.

Tell me a crazy but true Saturday Night Live story...

Dave Attell and I dared Chris Farley to take a shit out of our window. It was the 17th floor and he did it. He was pretty much all the way out onto the ledge with just his feet and head on the inside of the building. He shit and a little 2 inch poop came out and it fell on the INSIDE of the window and landed on the window sill. He looked around for toilet paper and not seeing any, wiped his ass with his hand. Then he got down from the window ledge and chased Attell and I around the 17th floor like a zombie with his shit hands...

Your impressions are great. Like really great. What is one impression that no matter how hard you try, you are never able to pull it off? What is your current favorite? 

I haven't been able to lock McConaughy down and it's making me nuts. All of my impressions I can either do right away on the firsttry or I can't do it at all. I wanna do McConaughy so bad though that I keep running it out here when I'm in private.. On stage is no place fro an impression to be "pretty good". For real comics, "Pretty good" is fucking horrible. My current favorite is Pacino because it's getting better each night.

What is the entire process of Jay Mohr Sports' daily Twitter Hat Trick contest?

I throw up the bat signal and tell people to tweet the show. I tell them to tweet me, @jymohr37 and to be sure they hashtag it #jaymohrsports ... The show tweets et mixed in with my personal tweets so the # is how I find only show tweets... I check the tweets a few minutes before I go on air and during every commercial break. Then I favorite them and then they get retweeted by @THTC37 and I read the tweets off of there. It's a pretty hectic process and insures that I never really rest for three hours but the tweets are many times the funniest part of the show so it definitely pays off. Whoever I feel has the best three or more tweets on the day wins a follow from me and worldwide fame and glory.

Finish this sentence: You know you are doing a show with Jeff Foxworthy when ______________.

There is no anxiety and everyone is totally relaxed and instead of feeling like you gotta hit out of the park you feel like, "I can't wait to hit it out of the park." one of the single kindest human beings I have ever met and nobody out works him.

What is the nuttiest thing Tom Cruise ever said to you?

My dad and Tom raced a few times on the same race tracks in the north east... One day on set i told him this and he seemed to think it was a pretty cool coincidence. TWO MONTHS later, we were filming at ASU on the football field. it was 3 in the morning and Tom Cruise came up to me and asked out of nowhere, "Ask your dad what gear he uses on turn two at Watkins Glen." It blew my mind that he even remembered my comment 8 weeks earlier let alone thought about my dad when I wasn't around. TC isn't crazy. Jumping on the couch at Oprah he sure looked it but the man is as down to Earth as they come which I would have thought impossible if I hadn't experienced it for three months.


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