Thursday, November 1, 2012

Retox-The Smell, Los Angeles,10-27-12


For only $5 I went to go see Retox and Bastard Noise for the 3rd time. Last time it was actually them together and I went to this for a lot of reasons:
  • That freaking price!
  • I've been needing to see BN ever since they released the great Skulldozer.
  • My good buddies in Happy Pill Trauma were opening (their first big show!).
  • And it was To The Point's first show, which was why most people went.

After driving around for 40 min looking around for stupid parking I went inside to see Happy Pill Trauma. They had a big-ass crowd reaction and Val and Jeremy kept it cool. As always it trips me the fuck out how that little dude can sing like that. They still don't have a lot out but you can hear their songs online and they have a bunch of videos out. HPT is everybody favorite local Grind/Mince band and hopefully they continue to get on shows like these.Congrats guys!

Here is a two song demo.

Happy Pill Trauma

I am very proud to say that I went to the first ever live performance from the brand spankin' new Powerviolence super group, To The Point. TTP consists of everyone's favorite PV dude Chris Dodge (Spazz ,Lack Of Interest, Despise You, Low Threat Profile, and a butt load more including the reunited INFEST), Kevin Fetus (Fetus Eaters,Cattle Decapitation,Murder Construct,and Lack Of Interest), Bob (Lack Of Interest) and Actuary’s Dustin Johnson.

Yes its pretty much Lack Of Interest with Dodge on vocals now (I think he actually left Lack of Interest, not sure though) so I like to call this Spazz of Interest.

Jokes aside, they play very fuckin' fast (as predicted) and for it being their first show they had quite the fan base moshing all around them and what not. What can I say? They were the best band of the night, had the most fans there, and they play a fuckin rowdy set. I don't exactly want to say its where Low Threat Profile left off (They only played two shows and released two EP's) but the sound is kinda like it. TTP has another show lined up but you better act fast and go see 'em in case it's their last one. Its something you REALLY don't wanna miss and its seriously one of the best PV acts I've seen this year. Just fuckin go!

Get their 7'  'Mentally Checked.' The new 7' Success In Failure will be out very soon on Deep Six Records. Get at it. ...And yes Grandpa of Interest was there being the badass he is.

To The Point
Bastard Noise didn't headline this time but they really should have. I have seen BN twice I can honestly say this was their best performance. Aimiee Artz has added a LOT to the band since her joining and not only has this made their live shows better, it's also made their albums much greater. Her screeches and yells make her one of my favorite female vocalist right now while of course the great Eric Wood still gave out his world famous grunts and yells while playing the bass as crazy as he does. I know people who didn't like BN before but do now, so go check 'em out. Its really a Man Is The Bastard vibe now than before.I recommend highly that you guys get 2011's "Skulldozer" which made my 2011 album list last year. Seriously some great shit. Worship the Skull!
Aimee Artz and Eric Wood. Whole lotta sound.

Ending the night was Retox. You know that band Justin Pearson of The Locust that I always talk about? Well I saw 'em again. Its been a while since "Ugly Animals" came out and they've been touring like crazy. They put a big name for themselves and they're still brand new (They opened for Public Image Ltd. the next day). Though Gabe Serbian (Also of Locust/Holy Molar/Rats Eyes, etc) left the band they're still working hard as fuck with some new stuff. Yes! The new stuff that was played at the show I'll tell you, freakin' rules. It ruled so hard it made forget about The Locust reunion me and the kids are always bitching about. Of course the great stuff from UA and the EP were played and they had quite the crowed reaction as always.  This was the first time I saw 'em headline so I was happy with the length of their set and what-not. Once again JP doesn't disappoint with his live shows so you're better off going to a Retox show and getting Ugly Animals while we all patiently wait for The Locust reunion. Retox rules.



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