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Despise You-The Black Castle-Los Angeles,CA-4/6/12

As some of you may know ACxDC front man Sergio had twin daughters a few months ago. One of his daughters, Savina, has a small pulmonary vein as well as a small hole in her tiny heart, which means she only gets 94% of the oxygen she needs. The surgery for that is gonna cost a lot and the Powerviolence/Grind scene has been donating, throwing benefit shows, and other stuff to raise money for little Savina.

And this isn't just in California... All over America people are throwing shows for her. This show was another benefit show, but a big deal since Powerviolence legends Despise You where headlining. 

Now seeing DxYx live is sort of rare. So you must really jump at the opportunity to see them, especially if they headline. This show was moved 5 times since it was announced. From 5 Star Bar(always got raided and not enough room) , to some hall in East LA(Not enough capacity), to Self Help Graphics(ended up needing construction), to Salon De La Plaza (the cops got involved way before the show even started). They day of the show it was moved to the Black Castle in L.A. Luckily it was still happening.
The first band was Fontana's own Vomitbastard. They are a new underground Powerviolence (not so known band) that I've seen twice, that rules. They set up on the floor and played they're usual set and gave it their all. First time playing in LA, and the crowed liked 'em a lot. They ended with a cover of their buddy's in xMayonnaisethebastardx. They passed out demos but I lost mine. Check em out tho.

Then was Inland Empires Hordes. A good ol blend of Hardcore, Crust, Grind, Doom, etc. Ive been wanting to see these guys for a while and they did not disappoint. Kids starting moshing back 'n forth for these guys while the band's front man was doing it as well. Tho they played a short set I need to see 'em play again and longer. For fans of Nails, Trap Them, Early Graves,etc. Download Abargonisis EP here!

Hoy Pinoy recently got added on the bill. Which was cool cause two the times Ive seen em headline a show they were great. They played and the whole freakin place turned to a huge ass pit. Some of their drums symbols were knocked down and kids were falling everywhere. This time is the first time I see Hoy Pinoy open up a show and they still make the audience go nuts over them. Hoy Pinoy in my opinion is too underrated. ACxDC and DNF  are known all over. HP needs to as well. Download their stuff here!

Local Grinders Syntax also had a crazy set. Which is obvious since this band has ex members of Bastardass. Raw, nasty Grind. Check em out here!

One of the highlights was ACxDC as always. Sergio thanked everyone,especially for helping to save his daughter's life. They started playing and as expected the room went more wild then it already was. They played all my favorite songs like Milk Was A Bad Choice and Turtle Power. With all the kids going wild this had to be one of the best time I've seen the band live. They then did the unimaginable. They brought out Chris Dodge of Despise You (also of Lack Of Interest, Low Threat Profile,etc) to sing Sword Of The Lord by his old legendary band SPAZZ. The crowd went nuts. I mean nuts. People where jumping everywhere, pushing, pitting. That's probably the closest you'll ever get o a Spazz reunion. And it ruled hard! To help donate to Sergio's Daughter (if you cant make it to a benefit show) you can either:

Buy ACxDC merch here.
Buy ACxDC music here.
or just donate straight to Sergio by emailing him at

Last opener was Inglewood's Final Draft. Another band I was excited to see. They play very good and Powerviolence. Angry Pissed and Fast. Nuff said! Check out their S/T EP.

Finally it was time for Despise You. Most of the show The audience was around the bands and the left room for the pit. This time we all got up front right next to band. They where probably suffocating with us. They started and the place went nuts. We were all jumping and singing along and screaming lyrics. Lead singers Chris Elder and Cynthia were in a tight spot singing with us. Drummer Rob (also from Evildead, Winterthrall, etc) was pounding the shit out of his drums right next to us (I always see him on a stage), and Chris Dodge was once again mixed in the audience trying to play guitar. Like last time they threw a skateboard into he crowd and kids went like hungry wolves to get it. Sergio even crowd surfed using an ACxDC deck as if he was surfing. It was one crazy ass show. You obviously have Westside Horizons in your collection. If not you need it. Plus their split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed,And On And On.... Until further notice, Despise You wins show of the year.

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