Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dumbell Tabs Sellergren for Upcoming Euro Tour

German punks Dumbell has hired a new bass player and back up vocalist for it's spring tour over Europe.

It's our pal Magnus Sellergren, who has somehow found the ability to extend his work load even further. You might remember Magnus from when we featured him in our Five Questions With... series, or more recently when we covered his latest band project, Svarta Maria. At the time, it seemed that his plate was already full, and we marlved at his ability to take on so much and be productive.

Now we find out that he joining forces with Dumbell (Official site),  for this one tour, which will cover Europe. They needed a bassist, and Magnus, the king of the multi-task, found the time and he has the ability.

He's a perfect fit...

Dumbell - You're so fake

DUMBELL | Myspace Music Videos

Dumbell was formed in 1996 in the Cologne region of Germany by guitarist/singer Paul Grace Smith, a former resident of Cincinatti, Ohio. The band has gone through multiple changes over the years and Smith is the only remaining original member. Smith never lost his focus on how the band was to sound, and with each change Dumbell progressed to a new level. Now, with the addition of Magnus to it's bass section, it should be off the charts. Rounding out the rest of the lineup along with Smith and Sellergren will be Illias Olympus on drums, and Dayton, Ohio native Jamy Holliday on guitar and backing vox. Smith calls it the "most smoking Dumbell lineup ever!"

Europe, are you ready for this?

With art work like this you know this band kicks  ass.

In Magnus's own words...

BD: In your opinion, what is Dumbell all about?

MS: Dumbell is all about rock'n'roll. It may sound like a damn cliché but it's just as simple as that. A great blend of Punk Rawk and The Stones, served up with attitude, energy, passion and a slight wry sense of humor. People maybe don't know this but Paul is one of the funniest guys I ever encountered in my life. Also, I kinda like his lyrics 'cause there's a lot of living in there and you can tell it's not a damn pose.

BD: What does joining Dumbell mean for the other projects you are involved with... Svarta Maria, your artwork, etc? Is everything else temporarily on hold?

MS: Well, Svarta Maria's first EP has been mixed, mastered and I just finished up the videos so schedule-wise it won't affect the band at all. We're heading into the studio this weekend to record our follow-up EP slated for release in April and by then I'll be back to finish videos etc... I've set a deadline when it comes to artwork which means I'm not accepting any jobs as of now that I know won't be finished around March 10th. In order to nail the 20-song setlist in about 30+ days, and make a damn good job doing it, everything else is temporarily on hold right now. I don't mind though, this'll be a blast!

According to their Myspace page, Dumbell lists their influences as The MC5, The Stooges, Hüsker Dü, Devo, The Replacements, Dead Boys, Damned, Velvet Underground, Hunter S. Thompson, Ike Turner, The Jam, Big Black, Black Flag, Bad Brains, and Sonny Vincent.

Sounds like it's gonna be a helluva ride!