Monday, January 31, 2011

The Truth About December

Last month it was pretty quiet here in the Bigfoot Diaries headquarters. Initially we reported that we lost internet connection. The following is the story of what really happened to my laptop...

Just for kicks I typed the word "Google" into Google's search engine, and clicked on the "I'm feeling lucky" tab.

I sat in eerie silence for about ten seconds watching the screen, and instead of the page simply resetting itself as I imagined it would, the screen went blank and my laptop started emitting fire and smoke from the disc drive. Frantically, I tried to shut it down via the Ctrl/Alt/Delete method but to no avail. After a loud sucking noise and a POP! my Dell vanished into thin air leaving a small puff of dust in it's place. It disappeared completely, taking it's shadow with it. The only thing that remains is a small black burn stain on my wooden desk top.

My laptop a few seconds before complete evaporation.

Yeah... Never, never NEVER do this.

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