Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a Bird!.. It's a Plane!... It's Megadeth!

Megadeth to the rescue!

While walking home from school in the central Norwegian municipality of Rakkestad, a 13 year old boy was confronted by a small pack of hungry wolves. Knowing that he was about to be ripped to shreds, he hearkened the advice of his elders, who had told him what to do if ever provoked by these blood thirsty canines... Don't run, but instead make yourself look as big as possible and be VERY LOUD.

The boy, who had been listening to Megadeth on his cell phone's MP3 player, simply turned up the volume to it's maximum setting. That was enough to startle the wolves, and eventually send them scurrying, thus saving the boy's life.

No word on what song was being played at the time, but could it have possibly been...

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