Monday, December 6, 2010


Last week we ran into some technical difficulties here at the Bigfoot Diaries. The hard drive in my laptop crashed on Monday and we were basically out of commision for the entire week. The good news is that it's been repaired. We are up and running again and everything seems to be working beautifully. The only negative to come up is the fact that now we are a week behind in well... Everything.

Thnak you for stopping by, and please be assured that once we get all of our provebial ducks in a row, we will be posting new and exciting stuff on a regular basis again. Meanwhile, check out my new pal on the west coast, Turtle Boy. He is just 18 years old, but has been mixing it up within the ranks of the LA punks for several years now. He is a fixture in the LA local music scene, and catches shows on a regular basis. He has written an excellent review of GWAR's recent show at the House of Blues on Sunset. You can read it HERE. Once we get rolling again, his writing and knowledge of the LA scene will become a regular feature on the Bigfoot Diaries.

Thank you for stopping by... We will be posting again really soon!

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