Monday, March 1, 2010

What's Wrong With February and a New Blog Shout-Out

Dang, it seems like it's been forever since I have been active on this ol' blogamajig.

The month of February wasn't kind to me in a creative sense. Maybe because we are in the armpit of winter here in the midwest... Or maybe because I have had other frustrations to deal with... Or perhaps it's because of  for whatever reason, the person who designed the calander only granted February 28 days. That seems a little unorthodox considering that January, March, May, July, August, October, and December all get 31 days of allowance..  And February only gets 28 days? What the fuck? That's like Tuesday only having 22 hours. Even in  leap year February comes in a day below the regular monthly standard of 30.

But back to my point... Blogging isn't like riding a bike. It's not something that is easy to pick up again, once you set it down and let it collect dust. The longer you stay away from it, and the less you do it, the harder it is to get the creativity going again or let alone consider any thoughts worthy of sharing. But with the beginning of March upon us, I figured it's time to at least try... Afterall, I do owe that to my '10s of readers who come here regularly... Right? 

I have mentioned the College of Idiots on this site before. It is a blog that masquerades itself as a Cubs blog while maintaining it's true identity as a cork gun taking aim at popular culture. It's a great read... I enjoy it immensely. However in all it's glory it should be noted that it is the bastard son of another blog, Thunder Matt's Saloon, which officially closed it's doors this morning. I would check both of these creations daily in my usual blogosphere meanderings, and I knew several weeks ago that it was holding setting up a clearance rack for it's going out of business sale. But as in most cases in life, when one door closes another one opens. Thus I present to you Exile on Clark Street... The newest addition to what has been a long and very entertaining family of blogs. It seems that Ginger Russ and the guys over there like to keep their material fresh and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. I applaud their efforts and look forward to reading their drunken transcriptions and hilarious and random interpretations of life as we know it. And of course the occasional post about the Cubs.

So yeah it's good to know that even while my creative juices have coagulated into a solid brine, someone else is there to pick up the slack.

Good luck, Exile!



Robby said...

Say, you don't own that beautiful bicycle do you? I would love the opportunity to clean it up a bit...

gooseneck said...

Nope Robby. Not my bike. Wish it were though.