Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pineapples, Peaches, and Doomsday Prophecies

I woke up from a nap a while ago. I fell asleep to a show about the 2012 prophecies of Nostradamus and woke up to The Pineapple Express. Apparently Essie wasn't as fond as the doomsday forecast as I was. Interestingly enough, she too fell asleep while watching TV... Whatever she was watching. When I woke up the Pineapple Express was just starting. Because I didn't know any better it's been on since, and seems to be nearing it's ridiculous conclusion. I'm wondering, does Seth Rogen play the same old dipshit in every one of his movies?

I got up and grabbed a beer. It is St. Patty's Day afterall. I've spent the last hour or so reading blogs and answering emails, and even took a peek at Facebook. A friend became a fan of Peaches!, and this particular FB friend isn't one who would just cling to any ol' fan page, so I clicked the link and decided to see who/what this Peaches! thing was all about. I didn't expect to find a page dedicated to the furry tree fruit, but I really wasn't expecting this gal either:

Well of course I became a fan too. I don't always need to hear a musician to know whether or not their sound is going to soothe my soul. Sometimes you just know... And even if not, oh well.



Len Cleavelin said...

I'm wondering, does Seth Rogen play the same old dipshit in every one of his movies?

You have explained, in a nutshell, why I am very, very dubious of the movie adaptation of The Green Hornet which is to be released this December (knock on wood).

Rogen is playing Britt Reid/The Green Hornet.

I Am Not Making That Up.

David said...

I've also heard people mention Seth Rogen's name as a possibility to play Curly in the new (you know it's gonna suck) Three Stooges movie. As if the movie itself isn't enough of a bad idea.