Sunday, February 12, 2017


The cover lays it out for you in visuals and words. "A quagmire of heavy dope and dark satanic poop sliced up into 14 slabs of shameless stonage" Not sure how available this thing is anymore but if you see it you may want to do yourself a favor and snag a copy if the price is right for you. This record drips atmosphere - and oh what an atmosphere it is. Dredging up 45s from 1969 -'77, some of them probably so obscure that the bands don't even remember makin' 'em.

This is a nice compilation of garage psych madness that sounds like it being made by a bunch of devil worshiping hippies during a free form black mass jam; or zonked to the stratosphere Hell's Angels partying in Death Valley with a bunch of reptilians that live inside the hollow earth. In other words this is a fine record and is lots of fun. When  I was a little kid and didn't know really anything about rock n roll, this is the kind of sound that I heard (or imagined I heard) coming out of my friends older  brothers basement bedroom while we were playing with Hot Wheels. this is the sound of rock n roll that I have been chasing ever since I got into listening to the stuff.

The sound quality is not bad but at times can be a bit murky, but mostly it sounds good. I've heard much, much worse (like those old Stooges bootlegs that sound like they were recorded with a cassette recorder in the trunk of a car in the parking lot of the club they were playing). Ultimate Bonehead is related to the Bonehead Crushers and Bonehead Crunchers compilation also put out by Belter. So pick this up and make your record collection the envy of your neighborhood.

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