Monday, July 7, 2014

CRUEL SHOW ALERT! Inaugural BIgfoot Ball to be Held at Briar Patch Sept. 20Th

Fire dancers, stilt walkers, hoopers, costumed denizens, jugglers and freaks!

The Briar Patch will open it's gates for the season a bit later than normal this year. On September 20 the Briar Patch will host the Inaugural Bigfoot Ball which will feature four bands including headliners The Rumpke Mountain Boys

This bluegrass band from Cincinnati is legendary in the festival circles for their all-night campground jams and their intense stage performance. They cover everything from Primus to Dylan, to the Grateful Dead to Ween. They've played obscure songs by Pink Floyd and Tom Waits. Not to be outdone by their rock and roll forefathers, The Rumpke Mountain Boys are quite affluent at writing their own material as well. Obviously they draw from a wide spectrum of influences to add to their creativity.  

In 2009 Jason Wolfe told, "We started out like most string bands, trying to learn many varieties of music, traditional, bluegrass, folk, blues and gospel. We had a completely different line-up back then. As the band members changed and grew so did our musical tastes and influences as well as our ideals on performing live. So we made the transition from traditional bluegrass festivals to smokey bars and more diverse venues and music festivals."

Poster design: Jason Boten (Thank you!)

Joining the Rumpke Mountain Boys in this genre-bending festival are King of the Tramps, The Maw and Johnny Reeferseed and the High Rollers. Each one of these bands personifies a unique musical experience that will take you to the top of the mountain, and by top of the mountain, we're talking about that space between Aurora Borealis and the Ursa Major. 

King of the Tramps have created and  mastered one of the more unique styles in the Midwest. Toss the Black Crows, the Band, and the Rolling Stones into a kaleidoscope and give it a twist and what you will get is a funky vision of who King of the Tramps are. It's original and bright, rolled with ever-changing glimpses of psychedelia. Todd Partridge has been reincarnated as a hobo and he sings his songs with such conviction that one might think his shtick is authentic. Hell maybe it is authentic. Nothing is what it seems when King of the Tramps are onstage... especially when the kaleidoscope begins to turn.

The Maw are well... The Maw. If you are unaware of this band, then it's possible that you do not know anybody in the local music scene. And if you do know somebody in the local music scene, ask them about The Maw. They will likely tell you that this band is a must-see and that it will probably change your life for having done so. At the very least it will change the way you think about the Des Moines music scene. This band isn't messing around. Clearly aware of the cosmic weirdness they convey, they draw you in like a spider sitting deep inside his web, and just when you think you have a grip of what's about to happen, they unleash their fury on you. It'll be interesting to see this band in their element at the Briar Patch.

Johnny Reeferseed and the High Rollers have established themselves as the Des Moines' favorite party band.As three time Marijuana Music Award Winners, they have been lighting up stages across the midwest since 2006. They have been featured in the pages of High Times magazine, and when they recorded their funky classic "Light Em Up" they did so joined by rap/rock legend, Afroman. JRSeed and the High Rollers don't play as a band much these days, but when they do, they always draw a crowd. Everybody loves a party and we couldn't think of a better way to kick ours off than with these guys.


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