Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tension-Somones Garage,Anaheim CA, 10/28/11

Halloween garage show. In the OC, cops don't raid shows as much as they do in LA. So it was worth driving there, especially for the fact that the show was absolutely free. Saw some friends, socialized, then waited. Luckily the show started about 30 minutes after I showed up, which was a hour late.

First band was a new Powerviolence band named, Whats The Point!. This was their first show, and they were really good. I hope to see 'em again. Their demo should be out soon.

Then was a Grind/Violence band from Inland Empire, Vomitbastard. The singer was dressed in a sexy woman's costume, as a ladybug. They played fast, short and sweet. I really enjoyed it.


Up next was a band I've been wanting to see for a long time, xMAYONAISETHEBASTARDx, named after a Hoy Pinoy song. Their name is a pun of the band, Man is the Bastard. The drummer is actually a friend of mine. They're also known as Vegan Noise (they feel very strongly about veganism). Singer was wearing a Sailor Moon costume. They played some songs off of their demo, the rest were new. Kids were moshing in the little garage now and went nuts when they covered The Misfits classic, "Astro Zombies." Much respect to this band. Here's their DEMO


By then the water heater in the house had started dripping all over. At first we all thought it was a gasoline leak so we were kind of scared since kids were smoking (kids these days just don't know what a water heater is). For that while, the show was at a halt. The kid who owned the house was trying to clean it up. Luckily mom was cool about it, so the show didn't end. I was outside while the kids packed up the whole place for once for a sludge band named HASH. I ended up going in. All the kids were moshing and jumping off of anything they could climb on to, including the water heater. It was crazy. Even though I'm not a fan of sludge metal, they were great and fun.

Up next was a brand new band everyone was excited about. BRIDGE a Powerviolence band featuring Travis (now ex-singer of Hooded Justice) on drums and Zaine (of InZaine) on bass. This was a female fronted band and they are very fast. Kids were moshing crazy for these guys. The singer was dancing, moving around and screaming her lungs off. For being their first show, they were good. Too good. Everyone became a fan immediately, and after the set BRIDGE passed out free pins. Can't wait for the demo!

Right after was InZaine, so there was no time to sweep the water between sets like the owner was doing through out the show. Kids were screaming along and moshing/jumping off everything nonstop. By now Christmas lights were breaking. They play really good fastcore and are very underrated. Plus, Snoop Dogg picture below actually does look like the singer from InZaine. Listen/Download demo here.

Finally, my buds in Tension were up. Everyone was all excited, including myself. Last time I saw 'em was here in LA but they didn't have a mic, so singer, Chris Layhee, yelled at everyones face. Layhee
gave a powerful performance and kids including myself sang to songs like, "Only Good Cop" and their main hit, "Nazi Killer". By the end of the show the garage was pretty much flooded.

 Once again I give two thumbs up the OC scene for being all about fun. Thanks to the kid who let people party in his garage for free. Sorry about the water heater!



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