Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While a lot of people out there are telling me how I need to see the latest Fokkers flick on DVD, I think I'm just going to go ahead and ignore their advice. I'm also going to NOT go to a showing of The Hangover II. Why not? Because I really didn't think the previous movies in those franchises were really all that great. Certainly not as great as many people have been making them out to be. So instead of watching those lame movies I decided to waste my time watching something else. And just to prove to everybody just how much of a dinosaur I am I got myself a movie on video tape.

The movie in question is Legion Of The Night, a 1995 flick that I have actually been seeking for a long time and found it on VHS. I assume that this thing is not on DVD, as I haven't been able to find a copy, and it likely may never make it to DVD, so I decided to plunk down the very minuscule amount of money to grab this little treasure. Ok, so treasure may be pushing things a bit, but I did enjoy watching this thing, and that's probably more than I can say if I went to see the latest rewrite of Dude, Where's My Car?

What do you get with this movie? Well, you get zombie assassins, gangsters, violence, gore,and Ron Asheton. Yeah, that Ron Asheton. Founding member of The Stooges, guitar player for many great bands such as New Order, Destroy All Monsters, Last Race, and Dark Carnival. A guy who's importance in rock n roll is so prominent, that even that dueschebag Jan Wenner's turd ball rag Rolling Stone listed him 29 in their list of 100 Greatest Guitarists. Even those pussies could not ignore the level of this guys stature.

Anyway, you got a scientist who's is reanimating the dead. He gets his funding through the mob who force him to use the zombies as a hit squad. Once the mobster has taken over due to all his competition being wiped out by the undead killers, he kills the scientist. The scientists son, teams up with his fathers assistant and go out for revenge.

If you have seen a lot of these low budget, non-Hollywood horror/action films you know what your in for. Is it a bad movie? Well yeah, but it's a good bad movie. It's entertaining and fun, and really what more do you want out of a movie? This thing evokes that certain atmosphere that makes me watch it through all of it's flaws. I get the sense watching this that the people making this movie did it because they just wanted to make a movie that they thought would be kind of fun to watch, instead of a bunch of marketing degree careerists who don't even have an ounce of creativity, who seem to be running Hollywood these days.

If your so inclined, you could pick this thing up on Ebay or Amazon for dirt, and if you have an operational VCR on the premises maybe you should. If your the kind of person that liked reading Psychotronic Video Magazine and dig the kind of movies that mag championed then you will probably like this movie, if not then go waste your money on Hangover II like the rest of the cattle.

By the way, Matt Jaissle produced, wrote, and directed this movie. I thought I should through the creators name out there. There are no pictures or posters I could find for this movie (that should show you how obscure it is) so that's why the photo.



T.Church said...

There are a few photos available through Google Images, but the quality sucks, so I left Shep's original choice. - Ed