Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up: A Post of Randoms

I've been a little preoccupied lately and haven't spent much time online, let alone here at the Bigfoot Diaries headquarters.

I was able to spend a tremendous weekend with my daughter, and we took in the Iowa State Fair with Dave Shep and his wonderful family on Saturday, and then my Aunt's farm on Sunday evening for hamburgers and brats on the grill, and fresh Iowa sweet corn. This weekend was the first time in forever that the Disastroids were all together in the same room again.

The Disastroids + 1

In a way it was nice to step offline for awhile... Iowa is a beautiful place in the late summer, and I can't think of way to spend a more perfect weekend in America's heartland. On the other hand I have a handful of stories and interviews half-started that I need to get to at some point and finish them up to get them published for your entertainment...

This post really has no intention except to let me get a few things off of my proverbial chest. I've had the same thoughts echoing through my brain now for serveral days, and I am hoping that by writing them out on "paper", it will serve as a means to an end. And then maybe I can refocus on the other things I have been working on, and get some substance written up and laid out for all it's glory.

First and foremost, have you ever thought you were hungry, and took the time to let the oven warm up and baked an entire meal only to discover at the time it finished cooking that you really are not hungry at all anymore? That just happened... French Fries anyone?

I got an email from Wendy Jacobson a few days back; you might know her better as The Fabulous Miss Wendy and it seems that she is recovering nicely from her recent and sudden departure from the Green Jello tour. 

In her own words:

Things are good here. I'm totally jazzed cause I'm heading into the studio to finish my next record, with Vinny (from the band Sponge) and Tim Patilyn (who just produced the née Taproot record which went to number one on the active rock charts).

I love it when attitude trumps conflict, and it seems that instead of taking the woe is me attitude, Wendy instead chose to take the positive high road in light of her situation, and it seems to be working out for her. Kudos to her! All of us here at the Bigfoot Diaries wish her the best of luck in the future, and look forward to the day when we can conduct a sit-down interview. I would be looking for something from her to surface REAL soon.

In other music related blog news, I am all but finished with two small interviews... One is with Greg from Dangerous Music inc, and the other is with George Cummings, co-founder and lead guitarist for Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. I am just waiting on pictures for both...

I am going to Des Moines tomorrow night to do something I thought I would never do... I am getting a tattoo on my back right shoulder. My old pal Dante Smith is doing the ink, and I promise to have plenty of pics to show here on the blog.

The tattoo is essentially going to look like this:

I figure that if I am going to have something pernemantly attached to my body, a Bigfoot is as good a thing as any.

Remember several days ago when I played disc golf with Ed Fallon, CVEckian and Jon Krieg, and Jon broke a world record? Well Ed talked about it on his Thursday edition of the Fallon Forum on 98.3 The WOW FM,  and tried to give away a lunch with Jon as a celebrational package. Unfortunately however, nobody called in to claim the prize... Heh.

Here is how Ed tells it:

Well, no one called in. Not one! The previous week's giveaway -- a free oil change at Sargent's Garage -- was immensely more popular than lunch with Krieg. When I first broke the news to him yesterday, he was slightly disappointed for maybe a fleeting second. Then Krieg realized he'd saved money and his demeanor brightened noticeably. Oh well. Jon's glory and triumph live on in the hearts of the absolute few of us who truly give a darn.

Good stuff... I always say that unintended humor is the best. This really makes me wonder what in the world normal people think about those of us who play disc golf... Stay tuned. We are working on putting together our next competetion... Go-Cart Racing.

Finally, a shout out to Five Guys... I have known for awhile that these fellas put together the greatest cheeseburger on the planet, and now it seems that they are finally being recognized nationally for doing just that. I have eaten there twice personally, making a point each time I get out to the DC area. The first time I went was with Haws, who told me to order the small portion... I argued briefly, but he was adamant.

"Trust me!" he said, as he flashed a grin.

He was absolutely right. I got the best burger I have ever had before or since, and the biggest pile of fries I have ever had to tangle with... I can't imagine what the large portion would have looked like, but  I was thankful that was was there to give me that direction.

Now... Where did I put those fries?