Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Phat Tuesday Randoms

I didn't watch the Olympics opening ceremonies this year, and didn't watch any events until Sunday when the games were already into their third day. This isn't because I have been advocating a boycott, but more so because they fell on a weekend that I had my daughter. I had been distracted for the most part... At 10 years old, she dominates my time in so many more positive ways than watching a television program could.

So the Olympics weren't even on my radar until Sunday, and until I heard the unmistakable melody... The Olympic theme song... It hadn't even really hit me that I watching. The magnitude of the games and the intensity of the participants, and the competitive aura and national pride... When I heard that theme, I got goosebumps. Now I have had the Winter Olympics on every night since.

I'm not a big fan of the mens' figure skating. I would enjoy that event so much more if they made it a bit more gladiator-like. You know, send out defensive lines of random hockey teams for a quick skate-by at irregular intervals during the figure skaters' routines. This would certainly boost ratings, as I am certain that NBC loses half of it's audience during that particular competition. Heck, I would invest in a Tivo system if that actually were the case.

I look forward to the hockey more than anything else, of course. I don't see the USA beating Russia or Canada for the gold medal, but it sure would be something if they did. Bobby Ryan, who played a stint in Des Moines last year with the Iowa Chops (Now with Anaheim) scored the first Olympic goal for the United States this afternoon. It's got to be a pretty cool feeling to go from playing minor league hockey in a small market one year to scoring a goal for your country's Olympic team the next.

One thing about Iowa... There is currently enough snow here now to host a Winter Olympics. Getting the car stuck in a drift has become the norm... It doesn't seem like morning to me without my 7:00 cup of joe and my 7:45 morning dig out. I live at the very end of an extremely narrow road in a very wooded area... And I don't always get the care that the city folks get when it comes to plowing the streets. In fact I don't get the plows at all, but instead a man on a tractor... Who comes around when he deems it necessary, which needless to say, isn't always in coordinance when I deem it necessary. Not that I blame him. I'm sure it's brutal for him to come out on a weekend and plow a path to my garage... And probably not very high on his priority list. I don't pay him, so I am thankful that he comes at all... Just merely stating that his narrow path doesn't make room for much error when backing my car out of the garage and attempting to turn it around to drive forward on the walled path out of here. I choose to be here, so let me emphasize what I said a few sentences ago... I am not complaining... Just explaining the reason that my car gets stuck nearly every single morning.

I heard on the radio one day last week that there was snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states. Hawaii was the lone stand-out, which seems sensible. But after thinking about it for a moment or two, I wondered if anybody had bothered checking the ground at Mauna Kea which at 13,800 feet is the highest point in the state. In fact, there are several regions in Hawaii that tower above the 12,000 foot range, where snow should visible at most times, I would think.

So yeah... Anyway.

Sometime when I wasn't looking, this blog has taken a turn towards becoming more of a music review blog than what it used to be... For those of you who read this and aren't into the music I blog about, namely punk and garage, I apologize. I hope you have stuck around. I have decided to make a conscience effort to ease back into the old format, which is basically just blogging from the hip, and writing my thoughts as they occur to me. I will not sway too far away from the music scene, however as I have gained quite a few new readers from blogging at that angle, and I appreciate their interest too. Music has always been a huge part of this blog, and my conscience effort is directed more at mixing my humor and randomness along with the music... Where The Bigfoot Diaries is a close balance of both, and not so much a blog that is just about music, or whatever that other style may be called. Either way, thank you for stopping by. As I said, I do appreciate your interest.



Tommy said...

May I have permission to transplant 80% of my state's population to your state? If we get a dusting, we're a half-cup of Kool-Aid away from mass suicide when it comes to snow. I want them to learn how to deal with real winter.

It is the only time I come close to hating living here...not because of the snow, which is right next to literally nothing. It brings out the stupid asshole in everybody, and that bugs me.

gooseneck said...

Absolutely. As long as one of them is BST.

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